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ABAX Stadium - POSH Football

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Photographing buildings and structures may seem straightforward enough. You stick your camera on a tripod, find the most flattering angle and 'snap' you're done. That's not really the case though. A great deal of prep is required to assure your images are the best they can be, which in turn keeps your client happy.
Before photographing Moy's End Stand at Peterborough Football Club for Kier Group I needed to do some research into the new structure. I was hoping to find some pictures of the building on Google Maps but there was really nothing out there… hence why I was hired to take images! I was actually lucky to find some CAD renderings though, and that gave me an exact idea of what to expect.
Credit is certainly due to Frank Whittle Partnership for designing and delivering such a stunning work of art. The stand has an awe inspiring three story glass atrium donning the north east corner, while four blue aluminium turrets jut out from the sides, giving the overall site a strong sense of power and presence. Now as any good photographer will tell you, north east means one thing: sunrise. Knowing that I would be starting with the glory shot at the crack of dawn, I was then able to plan out the remainder of my shots in order of importance.
The interior of the building has its fair share of vistas as well. Aside from the breathtaking reception within the atrium, there are a number of 21st century green tech features that reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Every square foot of extra roof space is taken up with south facing solar panels, while rainwater is collected and stored in massive tanks in the underbelly of the beast, eventually to be reused for grey water.
In addition to the reception area there are a number of large rooms which will ultimately be used as an education / skills centre by Peterborough City Council. And what is the best part of these large rooms? The view of course!
Lastly, one of the most stand out features is the dedicated seating area for disabled fans. Now everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the match while being protected from the elements.
Many thanks to those involved at Kier Group for getting me involved in this project. I wish POSH the best of luck in their coming seasons and I really look forward to photographing the next installation at an already stunning football ground.
By Chris Biele


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